SHR 2014a


Kristen Abate
Lost in Space

Jens Birk

Caroline Bruckner
The Letter

E. Branden Hart
At Least

Karen Hartley
The Beach House II

Kathleen Zamboni McCormick
 The Last Two Malloys

Douglas Sovern
 Almost Every One of Us

Robert Sweeten
The Suicide

Dominic Viti
The Shooting Gallery

Nanci Lee Woody
Nothing’s Going On

W. David Wright
Crossing the Line

Dan Bellm
Imaginary dance
An example
A wake
Family angel, 1964
The fallen bird

Jennifer Swanton Brown
Birthday With Horses
Jelly Making

Peter Neil Carroll
God’s Controversy with California
Lombardy Spring
Redwood Valley Road
California Arrival
The Catch
Land’s End

Christine Holland Cummings

If you could look at God’s face
what would you see?
On the Interstate
The Koi at the Gaylord Palms Resort
Fig Butter
Sonnet for My Husband

Tim Hunt

On First Hearing Fred Neil, KMPX (Spring 1967)
After the Boy Entertains the Old Soldiers, He Is Taken to the Kitchen for Ice Cream (VA Hospital, Yountville, CA, 1958)
Snapshot (Sebastopol, 1964)
Janis Plays the Brothers,
The Armory (Cornell, 1968)
“It’s No Secret” aka First Night at the Fillmore (March 1967)
Charm Bracelet
The Sunroom
For Elmae Passineau

Esther Kamkar

Arrhythmia Diary
Love’s Spare Parts
Morir Soñando
Two Dreams
Postcard Poems: Wish You Were Here

Diane Lee Moomey
Dirt. Just dirt.
Sleeping in the Desert
Barking all Night
Spring Breakup
The Body Speaks,
Pine, Passing Through
Family Reunion
Jacks, a game…
Our Moon, Reunion
The Red Hour

David Perez
Laugh Track
On Skinny Dipping Alone
Ice Hotel
Perfectly Rational

Ann Plasso
The accountant
The closed mind
The employers
Hurricane Season

Prose, Poetry and Art